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Thank You Gift 4

Thank You Gift
Part 4

When Arizona had Callie on all fours facing the headboard, she took her time admiring the view. She never realized how beautiful the Latinas back was. She began running her hands all over her lovers back, starting from her neck to her strong shoulders, down her spine until her hand landed between her derrière.

"Don't you even think about, Arizona" Callie moaned, stopping her before she got any ideas.

"Oh, baby. You know I love your ass. I just wish you'd let me..." Arizona bit her lip and moaned before she got to turned on and do what she really wanted to do to Callie's ass.

Arizona leaned over onto Callie’s back and reached her hands to her breast and squeezed then with both hands. And began kissing her spine with wet sloppy kisses.

" I know you love my ass, baby but...oh baby. It's jus weird" Callie barely got out because Arizona’s hand moved from her breast to between her legs, fingering her clit.

" You’re so wet, baby. I didn't think you'd like this position so much." the blonde said grinding her dildo between Callie's pussy getting it wet with her juice. " You can't wait for me to fuck you like this, huh? Yo voy a la mierda, Calíope."

"Hmmm." Callie moaned when she felt the excitement in the pit of her stomach. She turned her head wanting to be kissed by her lover. If her woman was going to be teasing her, she needed something else to think about besides her lover fucking her doggy style with a strap on. " Kiss me, please." she begged

Arizona was so into rubbing her clit and kissing her back she barely heard her. But she knew her so well she knew what she was begging her. " I will, baby." whispered in her ear, licked it and sucked on it making Callie gasp, turning her on even more.

"Please, please, please. " Callie began begging not knowing what she was begging for anymore, she was so turned on.

Arizona removed her hand from her lover clit and grasped her hips and took the dildo in the other and pushed in slowly. " Oh, yes, please." The Latina moaned out. Arizona stopped before going in completely.

" God, you’re so hot." Arizona took her hand away from the dildo and put it on the other hip and slammed into her quickly.

"Arizona!" yelled out and gripped the sheets under her hands as the quick entry shot intense pleasure through her body, making her nearly tilt into ecstasy.

The blonde began going in and out slowly, getting her familiar with the new position.

" Mmmmm, so good, baby." Callie said meeting her lovers every slow thrust. " I think I'm going to come" she groaned out a little embarrassed. She never came this fast with any guy not even Mark. Her girl must be hitting all her sweet spot in some kid of rhythm nobody has found because she couldn't fight off her appending orgasm if she wanted too.

" Already, baby?" she said with a smirk. The blonde didn't speed up or slow down, she was going to let this orgasm flow right on through her.

" Yeah. I'm sorry I couldn't...." Callie was interrupted by her head being gently yanked back and her mouth filled with her lovers tongue. That's all it took and she was riding out her pleasure while kissing the pediatrician. It was short and she was pretty sure the blonde had a couple others for her up her sleeves.

'Oh' Callie breathed hard when Arizona removed her lips from her mouth.

" Oh, baby. Tell me you don't think I'm done. " God, this woman has stamina, Callie thought. "Spread your legs further apart and rest on your elbows, please" the whispered seductively in the raven beauty's ear.

Calliope did what she was told even though she felt so open an vulnerable. She swung her brunette over her shoulder to get a look at her sexy wife/girlfriend.

" I'm going to fuck you now," Arizona moving the dildo in and out of her lovers core steadily, " and if you want to stop at any time yell 'bubble' and I'll stop completely" the blonde said licking Callie's earlobe.

"Don’t stop, Don’t stop”, Callie begged as she listened to Arizona giving her a way out if it got to intense but when she mentioned Bubble’ she got kind of lost.

“Bubble? I’m not say- Arg. Fuck."

The blonde quickly slammed Callie onto her appendage roughly without hesitation cutting the brunette off. She loved the way she was moaning and gripping the bedspread. She was gripping so hard she pulled a corner off their mattress.

The brunette was speechless, all she could do was moan. Her body was being taken over and she had no control over the movement of her hips. She was completely at the mercy of her lover, and was loving every second of it. Every thrust from Arizona hit exactly the right spot and seemed to reach deeper and deeper inside her. The blonde then push Callie's shoulders to bed, making her face find a pillow and her chest to find the bed. Callie's ass was the only thing you in the air. The blonde now has an even better angle then before. She rested her hands on her woman ass and back without breaking rhythm and picked up the pace. She was now moving so fast and hard that the bed was moving and hitting the wall.

" Oh, Dios mío, Dios mío, me duele tan jodidamente bueno, Arizona. A la mierda, me jodas, a la mierda de mí“, Callie cried out in Spanish, holding the bars on the headboard.

They were both sweating and feeling a very explosive orgasm coming. Arizona's strap on was hitting her clit every time she pushed inside her woman tight core. Seeing Callie at her mercy was doing things to her that she never have felt before. She put her head down on her Latina shoulder trying to fight off her orgasm but it didn't work.

Callie felt as if she was going to faint from all this painful pleasure from her girl. Every time the blonde slammed in her and pulled out, just to do it again, the dildo kissed her cervix. She was sure she was about to erupt like a volcano.

"I'm going to come. Ya voy, Arizona! Arizona! I'm co-ahhhhhh!! !" Callie said ending in a scream that was loud and sounded painful, she moved one hand from the bar it was holding on to and grabbed the blondes hair, making sure she didn't stop. Then all of a sudden she was trying to shove Arizona off, her orgasm was too strong for her to handle.

Arizona came just a little bit before Callie told her she was, which meant she heard her lovers painful scream. She realized that as Callie convulsed her hands were trying to back her off, and quickly took the strap on out, and felt liquid on her legs. Arizona smirked when she realized what just happened but when Callie collapsed on the bed and the aftershocks ran through, she remembered her scream. She didn’t scream ' bubble' I'm sure of it.

" Awe, baby. You okay? Did I hurt you? Please, tell me I didn't. Calliope, baby." Arizona said running her hand down the brunette's sweaty back.

When she touch it, Callie shuddered, she was still too sensitive to be touched. The blonde laid beside her wife/girlfriend, looking at her face and ran her hands through her hair. Calliope opened her eyes five minutes later and smiled. Arizona smiled back, Question answered.

"I can't legs." Callie said trembling, to tired to even speak a full sentence.

"You can't feel you legs?" Arizona asked, " Maybe you'll feel them tomorrow."


" I'm not done with you yet." the blonde smiled.


" I knew I would get you to say it. Best fuck of your life, right?" Arizona said in victory, while Callie jus rolled her eyes , snuggled into her woman and fell asleep. Arizona smiled happily and whispered to a sleeping Callie, “Gracias. Mi regalo es maravilloso.”


Sorry for the wait but wasn't it worth it. :)
I know I can go and suck someone's left nut and all that lol


Sorry for the wait guys but it will be totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends Don't Kiss

Friends Don’t Kiss

After the elevator kiss(6.22), don't you want to know what happened that made Callie go the route of absolutely hating Arizona's guts.

After being emotionally stuck on the elevator, watching people come on and leave, I finally pushed the lobby button. After the kiss, I felt like I couldn’t move or breath. We weren’t suppose to kiss. Friends don’t kiss. We agreed to be friends, it was her idea. How dare she agree to break up then pull this hot kissing crap on me? She taste so good though. I needed to get home fast and drown my sorrows with my best friend and have penis and vagina sex.

I walked home furiously, walking so fast, I didn’t realize I was already home until I look at my apartment building. I walk into my building and hopped on the elevators, glad that I was the only one on it. I began to search in my bags for my apartment keys while the elevators took me to my floor and open its door. When I got off I was still look for my keys. About time I got to my door I found them. After I retrieve them, I unlocked and opened my apartment door.

I walked in, throwing my purse on a table by my door along with the keys and turn on the lights. Arizona stood leaning against our couch hugging her purse. She looked as if she could’ve been crying. I was so shocked she was there I couldn't say anything. I couldn’t even yell at her like I wanted to because I had a feeling my face looked the same way.

Only things like this happens to me.

When I got over that my blonde ex-girlfriend was in my house I was about to talk to her but I was cut of when her lips were on mine. I didn’t see when she dropped her purse on the couch and I didn’t realize she was stepping towards me, when I was stupefied by her surprise appearance.

There were no words, only the feel of her passion. Her passion to feel me. She took my breathe away for the second kiss tonight, it wasn't going to be the last. Arizona pushed me against the door and began kissing me deeply, barely giving me time to breathe. When she realized I needed oxygen, she began to kissing and sucking my neck.

By this time her intentions are very clear and my body and heart was to weak to fight it. I wanted her. I wanted her back even if it was for 3 minute or 3 hours. I wanted my dose of Arizona. She made me addicted to her. There was no way I can stop this feeling of love I was getting, it felt too good.

Before I realized it my shirt was over my head and my bra was thrown on the floor. She was bend down and had one of my right nipples in her warm mouth and sucked on it hard, at the same time she took her unoccupied hand and began pinching my left nipple. The sensation cause me to groan, I began pulling her face into me, with my hands in her hair. Taking her had away from my nipple, she began unbuttoning my jeans with both hands as she kiss the valley between my breast to my belly button.

Arizona stood up and looked at me like she was trying to memorize it. She then closed her eyes and leaned her head against mine. And whispered "Calliope" jamming her hands inside my jeans and started rubbing her fingers on my clit roughly.

"Ari!" I moaned out in surprise. She opened her eyes to watch me when she heard me and groan. She always took pleasure in my exotic moans and screams.

Arizona caressed my body with her unoccupied hand, from my hip until she reached the nap of my neck. Soon after she grabbed a hand full of my hair unexpectedly making me scream out in pain but my pain was short lived when I felt her enter me with two fingers and began pumping into me.

"Oh, God" It felt so good I began moaning loudly. I had to use the door as leverage when Arizona's passion intensified and she began making my ass hit the door. When her fingers reached my g spot I whimpered, I was about to come. She knew and kept attacking it so quickly I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t take the passion that was building inside me anymore, my walls then collapse around her fingers and my body started convulsing while wave after wave after wave of pleasure rolled through me.

“AHHHH ARIZONA, I LOVE YOU!“ I screamed as I wrapped my arms around Arizona’s shoulders, trying to keep myself up as I felt my orgasm rock through me. I slouched against the door as Arizona just held me. She walked me to the couch and sat me down. She sat in front of me on her knees and began to take my pants and panties off.

“Ari, I can’t-” I was going to tell her I couldn’t take anymore but she cut me off by shh-ing me. She rubbed my thighs making chills go through my body, making me shiver. She then dove in without hesitation or warning, licking my clit. She lifted my left leg on her shoulder without breaking rhythm. My hips began riding her tongue when she plunged her tongue in my vagina. Her mouth was so warm and soft, and I felt myself coming again.

“I’m going to come again, baby. I’m going…” Arizona quickly sat up replace her tongue with 3 fingers using her body for force and began fucking me through my orgasm . I was coming so hard that I felt like couldn’t breathe. I was gasping, shaking, and reaching to pull my ex-girlfriend closer.

“I love you” I heard Arizona whisper before I blacked out.

When I woke up I heard birds chirp and saw light outside. I looked around and realized that I was by myself. I look down at the table and see a set of keys with the letter ‘A’ on it. With a piece of paper next to it say ‘Sorry, I cant control myself around you. That should of never happen. I wont happen again. A

Thank You Gift Part 3

Arizona slipped her tongue into her wife mouth and began to French kiss her. She laid her body fully in between her wife’s spread  legs and started grinding against her woman’s wet pussy with her 8 inch dildo, making Callie gasp in her mouth every time it touched her clit.

“God, you taste so good. So sweet. So good.” Ari moaned in between kissing her wife.

Callie hands tangled in Arizona's hair trying to keep her as close as possible while keeping up her wife's rhythm.

"Your making me crazy." the Latina moaned sucking her wife's tongue in her mouth.

" Please, inside, honey ." brunette gasped out in between their heated kiss.

As soon as she made that request, Arizona leaned back and entered her walls fully without warning. Causing Callie quickly remove her lips from Arizona's lips roughly and let out a scream. Callie's hands flew at her lovers hips to hold her at bay. God, how did she do that?, Callie though, letting out a pleasurable groan. Arizona chuckled sexily into her ear and then start to nudge and kiss her neck, moving her hips slowly and pulling out but not going n all the way.

"Did I hit a sensitive spot upon my entry? " Arizona groaned as looked at the pleasure on her wife's face, years of experience with the female form made her an expert in hot spots.

After a few strokes from her wife, Callie was biting her bottom lip trying to keep her moans whimpers to a minimum. She didn't want to seems like a virgin or anything. Even though the blonde was hitting all the places inside her that she didn't even know existed.

"Yes! Don't stop... Please, I'm begging you. Don’t stop." Callie whimpered, feeling her appending orgasm coming slowly, like a rumble to a loud thunder storm.

Arizona laid on top of her wife breast to breast, nose to nose, and lips to lips. She began to swirl her hips into her, hitting Callie's sweet spot at every complete circle. She pulled her head back and brushed Calliope’s wet hair from her sweaty face to look into her eyes, which were closed.

“ Open your eyes, sweetie. I want to look you eyes when you come for me.” Arizona begged desperately.

After a short struggle of trying to control her body, the brunette finally found her last strength to open her eye and look into her wife bright blue ones before her eyes rolled shut and her legs started shaking.

" Oh god, Arizona, yes. Oh god!" Callie's voice trembled, thrusting uncontrollably into her wife’s hips as her orgasm rushed through her ."Ahh! Mmmm."

“Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.” Callie whispered still in orgasmic bliss, Arizona started peppering Callie’s face as her orgasm began to subside leaving her with small shudders.

"Oh, baby. I haven't fucked you, yet. Now, lay on your stomach." Arizona said whispered,smiling.

One more chapter

Thank You Gift Part 2

Thank You Gift
Part 2

"I'm so wet, baby. So, so wet." moaned Callie, eager to get her wife to get started.

When Arizona took her first lick of her wet girlfriend, Callie groaned it felt so good. All the heat that dampened earlier came back with full force. Thoughts of her sexy wife wearing a strap on were gone. All she could think about is how skilled her lovers tongue was making love to her.

The blonde took her lovers clit into her mouth and sucked at it. Making the Callie's hands that was once gripping the bedspread quickly became tangled in the Peds now messy hair.

" Oh, oh, oh mi Dios. Por favor, no pares, no pares." Callie whimpered when she felt her lover circle a finger around her opening. "Yes, please, baby. Make me come!"

Arizona pushed two fingers in her lovers opening thrusting into her with a pace that would surely get her to come while licking and sucking her off. Torres began thrusting uncontrollably into her wife's face as she start to feel the warning signs.

"Ari...Ari... I'm gonna..." The brunette cried out, as her legs started to shake. She was about to let her body ride out the best orgasm her wife's ever given her, when Arizona stopped completely. Making sure to not take her over the edge with her last thrust.

" No, please. Let me come." Callie whined, so worked up she tried keeping her wife's head between her legs. But Arizona took the nearly numbs fingers laced in her hair and laid them to her sides. Calliope only option now was to close her legs as tightly as possible, trying to relieve the pressure.

" Aww, baby, what's wrong?" Arizona asked innocently, sitting up on her knees. She begins to caress her hands down her wife's twitching legs and separate them slowly. Calliope's body was so sensitive to her wife's touch that when her hands reached her stomach, it made her muscles jump.

"God, you so beautiful when you look like this. All wet, sweaty and waiting to be fucked." Arizona smiled excitedly, showing her dimples.

Callie was to caught up in edged bliss, she wasn't really listening. But she was feeling her wife's every touch. It was torture and solace all at the same time.

"You do want me to. I know. But I want to take my time and make slow, gentle love to you. Show you how much I appreciate your love and body." she chuckled at the end, admiring her lovers flushed body. "That will be my gift to you but after that…fucking you like crazy will be my gift."' Arizona whispered the last part in her lover's ear, making her moan out loud with elation.


Thank You Gift Part 1


Arizona walked in the door of her shared apartment with her lover, after she came home from her dinner with Mark and sighed. It wasn't as bad as she though it would be. They actually had a couple things in common beside their love for Callie. They even laughed at each other about their tendency of trying to get Callie's attention. Looking around she notice the lights were out which meant her girlfriend was in bed. She walks toward the bedroom and found the love of her life laying on top of their bedspread in her birthday suit, reading. So sexy.

"Wow. What's the occasion?" said the perky blonde.

"I was just thanking you for going to dinner with Mark and trying. "

"Oh, yay." Arizona said seductively, walking over to Callie taking off clothes every step of the way, so that she was baring the same outfit as her lover.

"So," Arizona said running her hands down Callie's thigh, "What should I do with my thank you gift?"

"Anything you want," said Callie breathlessly.

Arizona got a look in her eyes that Callie has ever seen before. She didn't know whether to be excited or scared. But soon came to a decision when the blonde doctor claim her lips in a heated kiss, making her body was jump with excitement. Arizona hands began having a mind of their own, massaging one of her lovers breast then pinching her nipples while her mouth moved from her lips to take the other breast to her mouth.

"Touch me." Callie moaned with excitement.

"I am touching you, Calliope" the blonde whispered against her breast, sending a chill down the Callie's body.

"No, touch me here." the ortho said desperately grabbing her lovers hand from her chest and guided it down her body to her very heated sex.

"Oh, My God!" Callie gasped as Arizona complied kissing her full lips and began moving her hand against her nub until she was nearly coming but them it quickly stopped. Arizona pulled away from her girls puffy lips and looked at her nearly unraveled and pissed lover as she tried to regain some sense.

"I'll be back" the blonde said sweetly and walked into the bathroom.

"ARIZONA! Get you ass back here and finish what you started." Callie whimpered, her body already feeling jelly like.

"Oh, don't I always, baby. " Arizona said confidently, walking out of the bathroom 3 minutes later with a harness on companied by a 8 inch appendage added to it.

"I-Is that a penis?" Callie stuttered a little nervous.

"We're going to try something new. Well actually you are." Arizona states matter-of-fact-ly.

Callie chuckled sexily at her girlfriend, "Arizona, a penis is nothing new to me but I think you know that." she smirked. "I've been fucked with it before"

"Oh, honey," Arizona said shaking her head with pity for her lover. " I know its nothing new and you've been fuck… by a man. But you haven't been fucked with a penis by me." the blonde smirked in confidence.

Callie looked at Arizona confused, she serious. " I'm sure it will be better because I love you and you love me."

" Knocking me down, huh? Baby, Imma make you stars, rainbows, and pretty pink flowers."

Okay, she definitely serious, Callie thought.

"Imma make all the guys you ever slept with look like amateurs. Even your buddy, Mark." Arizona finished a little possessively.

"Should I be scared?" the Latina moaned biting her lip.

" No." Arizona said crawling onto the bed and laying on her stomach in between Callie's legs and kissed her thigh. "You should be wet."